WA is a wonderful place to live with its natural beauty and sunshine all year round and our exquisite backyards. The ideal Perth summer for many people includes a few cold ones on the deck with great company and smoky smells lingering from a fired-up Barbeque. Hence why most Perth homes boast an alfresco, patio, or an outdoor space that is regularly used to entertain.

Timber is increasingly becoming a pain in the backside for homeowners. Could it be because of the amount of maintenance it takes to look after something that is prone to bushfire, rotting, and death by decay? Probably.

If you are in the market for building a nice deck area around the pool or to entertain in your outdoor space, composite decking could be the perfect decking solution for the West Australian climate. Without further ado, let’s get to know the 7 reasons this humble decking material is the best decking choice for you and your home.



Composite Decking is designed to resonate with the user. Composite decks love the outdoors; they are self-protected from the harsh UV rays, they’re inherently laidback and don’t mind having a splash in the water.

The rising popularity of composite decking is partly due to the many limits of wood decking. With an anti-slip element, composite won’t have you slip and sliding on the deck when it’s wet, making it the perfect option for pool-surrounding decks.


2. Cost-effective

Historically, a good wood deck was the first choice for most. Let’s be honest: it’s beautiful and has that
irresistible wood grain and aesthetic appeal to capture anyone’s attention.

Things have changed in recent years; wood can be a costly investment with less return than other alternatives in the market.

Composite decking offers many benefits at a fraction of the long-term cost of wood. Installation is cheaper and easier with secret fixing, like the Klevaklip snap in clips, eliminating visible signs of screws.

You can relax on your beautiful deck knowing that the long-term costs of your project will be much less than they would be for a timber deck and free of any hidden maintenance costs.


Source: Trex


3. Made from reclaimed timber and recycled material

Made from more than 90% Recycled timber and plastic, composite decking has unparalleled strength and durability.  Composite decks are generally kinder to the planet, without adding to the mass deforestation problem that occurs with manufacturing wood decks.

Eco-friendliness and innovation are two things decking brands like Trex do really well, contributing to their winning of multiple awards for sustainability.

The recycled materials in Trex decks create the perfect amount of flex and strength in each board while sealing it with a plastic coat to prevent damage.


4. Easy to Maintain

Composite decking makes for an easy piece of work, needing no regular maintenance beyond a quick wash and scrub. Unlike wood, the need to sand, polish, stain, or oil your composite deck is non-existent.

Trex decking was designed to make cleaning a breeze. The use of proprietary top shell helps the decks to stay pristine for longer. You don’t need any fancy cleaning tools or products to remove surface stains; all that is required to clean your composite deck is a soft bristled brush and soapy water when necessary.


5.Resistant to Rot, Splinters, and Bushfires

Engineered to withstand the test of time, legitimate 3 generation composite decks are rot, stain, and fade resistant. Say goodbye to surprise mould or mildew.  They also stand strong against harsh elements, cold climates, and hot weather.

The new generation version of composite decking has its benefits, eliminating the limitations of the previous versions. Composite decking is anti-splinter engineered with polymeric coatings to aid durability.

People in  WA’s bushfire-prone areas can feel at ease with composite decks like Trex that are compliant with Bal 19 -29 as required by Australian bushfire specifications.



6.Visual Appeal

Composite decks don’t wish to take away from the best feature of a good wood deck: the aesthetic appeal. It is designed with undeniably similar deep wood-like grains. The wood-like appearance and feel of the product will have you forget that it’s not the real thing in no time.

Trex composite decks have different product lines to choose from with a total of more than 8 unique colours and grains, not to mention the invisible fastening used to build and install the deck.


7. Increase your property value

With more people turning to practical fittings in properties, this addition can benefit your home or
investment property in the long run, boosting its value.

There are plenty of renovation add-ons you can add to a property that may not actually add to the final price valuation, but decks are different; it’s a practical add-on with lifestyle improving qualities. And studies have proven the actual increase in the property value making this a no-brainer investment.

Trex decks come with a built-in 25year warranty.



Choosing composite decking is a smart thing to look into when considering a deck for your home or property. With stand-alone features that are designed to satisfy users, they add visual appeal and value to the whole property. Play with decor, lighting and furniture to compliment your decking and complete your perfect outdoor area.

Composite decks have come a long way since the beginning 30 years ago and the legitimate brands are now satisfying all customer demands and stricter policy requirements.

As authorised distributors of the globally trusted Trex Decking, WCT is a proud stockist of Trex products. We happily go above and beyond what clients need to get their dream outdoor area. Read more about the Trex deck and accessories we offer and get a deck your whole neighbourhood will envy now!