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Outdoor Joist Support Hanger 

KlevaKlip Decking FREP Joist Hanger

KlevaKlip’s revolutionary Joist Hangers are made from Fibre Reinforced Engineered Polymer, also known as FREP. This polymer material is used in production, engineering, and motorised applications throughout the world due to its complete robustness and adaptability under load.

Klevaklip joist hanger

Engineered to last as long as your deck, these joist hangers are as strong as their stainless steel counterpart at half the cost. The reinforced nylon material makes the joist hanger corrosion-proof, ideal for deck fittings near the coast. The FREP Joist hanger suits 90mm X 45mm & 140mm X 45mm joists.

The Benefits of KlevaKlip Decking Joist Hangers

KlevaKlip joist hangers make sure that the connections between the ledger to joist and beam to joist are strong. 

  • The robust FREP material makes the hanger extremely durable and as long-lasting as your deck
  • Suitable for timber, composite and metal
  • Paintable as desired
  • No more sharp edges, FREP joist hangers are safe for bare hands
  • Twice as efficient as traditional joist hangers
  • A fraction of the cost of stainless-steel hangers
  • Easy to install
  • Patented design
  • Shock resistant nail hovel
  • Built-in ridges to ventilate the deck boards.


FREP production isn’t suitable for bush fire prone zones, please speak to a decking professional about hardware, as they can advise what may be more suitable for your zone.


 How to use

NJH9045 4 nails to each wing of the hanger totaling 8.

3 nails per side on the joist totaling 6 for both sides.


NJH14045 6 nails to each wing of the hanger totaling 12.

5 nails on one side of the joist and 4 on the other totaling 9 nails in total.


Download FREP Joist Hanger Brochure   


Outdoor joist hanger Installation

WCT Distributors and Klevaklip

WCT Distributors, your one stop shop for all things decking, are proudly bringing Klevaklip to WA. We are the sole registered distributor of the clever Klevaklip products in WA. WCT takes pride in all its offerings, sourcing only the best building systems from far and wide to ensure that deck installers receive the best tools at the best prices to finish the job.

Klevaklip is Australian owned and operated with an inventive streak, innovating and perfecting product lines that are high quality and proven to do the job at a fraction of the cost.

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Download FREP Joist Hanger Brochure   

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