How to Choose a Deck

Pros and cons to help choose a deck.

How to Choose a Deck

Thinking of a deck? Think ahead.

Choosing a deck is like choosing an investment, so it is important to think about the long-term value of your investment.

While some products seem cheaper at face value, it is important to consider costs like maintenance, a lost opportunity to have a lazy lunch with the kids, or a precious Saturday afternoon spent laboriously cleaning your deck. Below we have created a quick guide to give you more information on different types of decking, and important things to consider before you make your investment.

Material: What’s it made of?

High-Performance Composite Decking

For maximum satisfaction invest in a high-performance Composite Deck. Trex offers a high-performance third generation Composite deck which is made with revolutionary shell technology. Each board is covered with a high-performance coat which ensures that your Composite deck will stand the test of time.

Each board is designed to breathe to avoid surface separation. Creating a superior deck that will brave Perth’s diverse elements, and stand the test of time.

Trex Transcend Decking in Tiki Torch and Spiced Rum

Pros Cons
  • Easy maintenance: Simply use soap and water every once in a while
  • Fade, stain, scratch and mould resistant
  • Will not splinter
  • Luxurious rich wood grain colours
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extensive fade, and stain warranty
  • No need to paint, or screening
  • Enhanced aesthetic features
  • In the short term, High-performance Composite Decks may be costlier board-for-board


PVC (Vinyl) Decking

PVC decks are made exclusively from plastic and contain no organic matter.


Pros Cons
  • Stain, Scratch, and mould resistant
  • Low maintenance
  •  Finished look without painting
  • Will not splinter
  • Environmentally unfriendly
  • May cost more to install
  • Expensive board for board
  • Tends to squeak and get chalky


Early-Generation Composite Decking

Early – generation wood alternative boards are part wood and part plastic.

Pros Cons
  • Won’t rot or splinter
  • A great, durable value
  • Earth-friendly
  • Can fade and stain
  • Prone to mould and mildew
  • Requires periodic cleaning with deck wash
  • Susceptible to scratches


Timber Decking

Traditional timber can look good but comes with years of cleaning, painting, sanding, and maintenance.

Pros Cons
  • Traditional, one-with-nature feel
  • Affordable board-for-board
  • Easy to work with, easy to source
  • Rots, splits, swells, twists, fades
  • Contributes to deforestation
  • One word: splinters
  • Pressure-treating chemicals are toxic
  • Requires painting, staining or sealing



How hard is installation?

Labour is a significant cost to consider when choosing a deck. Labour can form anywhere between 20-50% of the total cost of a deck. If you have the technical know how it may be worth considering installing a deck as your DIY project.

The type of decking you choose will affect how easy it is to install a deck. For instance, Composite Decks are as easy to handle as wood and in some cases they come with ready installed grooves, and fastening systems to help ensure a more precise installation. In contrast, PVC Decks are more difficult to install.


How much upkeep are we talking?

We live in a society where time is money. So the last thing you want is to spend hours upon hours every year maintaining your deck.

Although Composite Decking may come at a premium, you save on the cost of expensive chemical treatments, painting, staining and other time consuming tasks.

Beauty and Versatility

Lots of design options?

When choosing a material for your Deck, it is important to consider what exactly you are trying to achieve with your outdoor area. You need to ask questions like:

  • Are you looking for great design options?
  •  What are the dimensions of the area you want to deck?

The differences in decking material will determine the extent to which you can customize your deck. Some materials are versatile allowing you to customise everything from the curvature of the boards, to the definition of the wood grain patterns

Side-by-side comparison

How to select decking chart

tickbox green  Eco-friendly

tickbox green  Long Lasting

tickbox green  Low Maintenance

tickbox green  25 Year Warranty

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