KlevaKlip Decking Clips Perth

Sturdy, easy to use connectors, fasteners, and support tools

KlevaKlip Decking Clips Perth

The KlevaKlip fastening system is a multi-board concealed fixing clip system that allows for fast and simple installation. KlevaKlip teeth will lock wood boards into place creating a smooth, consistent deck surface without a view of screw or nail holes.

The KlevaKlip range works flawlessly with Trex composite decking.

KlevaKlip Decking FREP Joist Hanger

Long lasting, durable joist hangers that last as long as your deck does.

KlevaKlip Decking Joist Connectors

Flexible, sturdy connectors that are the preferred fixing method of buiders worldwide.

KlevaKlip Post Stirrups

A stable, easy to install adjustable substructure system for your composite decking.

KlevaKlip Adjustable Decking Joist Supports

A simple to implement support system for use above concrete with limited ground clearance.

KlevaKlip Decking FREP Joist Hanger

Outdoor Joist Support Hanger

Klevaklip joist hanger

KlevaKlip’s revolutionary Joist Hangers are made from Fibre Reinforced Engineering Polymer, also known as FREP. This polymer material is used in production, engineering, and motorised applications throughout the world due to their complete robustness and adaptability under load.

Engineered to last as long as your deck, these joist hangers are reasonably priced and are corrosion-proof. The FREP Joist hanger suits 90mm X 45mm & 140mm X 45mm joists.

Outdoor Joist Hanger Installation

Benefits of Fibre Reinforced Engineering Polymer (FREP)

  • Corrosion proof
  • Extreme durability
  • No more pointy edges
  • Paintable
  • Twice as efficient than traditional joist hangers
  • Shock resistant nail hovel
  • Warranty (15 Years)
  • Built-in ridges to ventilate joists
  • Australian Standards approved
  • Patented design

Download FREP Joist Hanger Brochure


KlevaKlip Decking Joist Connectors

Klevaklip Joist Connector

KlevaKlip’s Joist Connectors have revolutionised how you can attach joists to bearers.

The flexible, sturdy connectors are an must for anyone installing a deck, quickly becoming the preferred fixing method of many builders. The Joist Connector makes the set-out and fixing off of your substructure a breeze.

KlevaKlip Joist Connectors are designed to attach 45mm width Joists to 70mm, 90mm & 45mm width Bearers.

Joist Connector Installation

Information for installers

Necessary Fixings for Joist Connector to Bearer  

  • 2 fixings on both sides of the bearer
  • Cyclone areas C1 & C2 – 3 fixings on each side of the bearer (not suitable for areas C3 & C4)

Necessary Fixings for Joist Connector to Joist

  • Less than 1 metre off the ground – 1 fixing each side of the joist
  • Higher than 1 metre off the ground – 2 fixings each side of the joist
  • Cyclone areas C1 & C2 – 3 fixings each side of the joist (not suitable for areas C3 & C4)

Other Fixings that are Approved

  • 35mm x 3.15mm timber connector nails
  • 32mm x 2.7mm Hot Dipped Galvanised coil nails or equivalent
  • 35mm x 8g Galvanised stitching screws

Note: Stainless steel equivalents of the above should be used in high corrosion areas.

KlevaKlip Post Stirrups

adjustable post stirrups
Fixing up sub-structure bearers and leveling posts for the deck can be a long, drawn-out process. Adjustable Post Stirrups are designed for use when building decks that are Approx. 300mm to 600mm above ground.

Sturdy and galvanised, the Adjustable Bearer is built for saving time and easy application. The product has a height threshold of minimum approx 175mm. for achieving the 160mm, the bottom excess 15-20mm of the threaded rod will need to be removed


Adjustable Bearer Support Installation

Benefits of KlevaKlip Post Stirrups

  • Bearer height setting made quick and easier
  • Levelling of uneven ground
  • Fully galvanised and heavy duty ensuring a longevity without failure. Fastening nuts ensure no movement
  • Multipurpose as a prop for existing bearers or floor joists that have drooped over time
  • Ideal for 45-50mm, 70mm and 90mm width bearers of numerous heights (Note – when packing 45-50mm bearers need to be out upright to ensure they sit parallel to the centre of the base)
  • Can be used for a range of uses including to build post supports, ramps, stairs and to adjust rafter support to complete the roof pitch

Download Adjustable Bearer Support Brochure

KlevaKlip Adjustable Decking Joist Supports

Aujustable decking joist supports

The Adjustable Decking Joist Support tool is designed precisely to allow wood decks to effortlessly be built above concrete blocks in areas where ground clearance is limited. It is best used when the depth is a minimum of 100mm / 4 inches to the approximate maximum of 260mm / 10 inches from the door step – down to your concrete slab.

The product AJH45G designed specifically for treated timber joists that are 45mm wide. It can be used with other types of joists if they are the right thickness. The product contains joist supports and base plates. For example, washers, bolts and nuts should be purchased separately depending on the desired height.

Benefits of Adjustable Joist Support

  • Joists will be kept off concrete blocks and free from unwanted moisture preventing joist-rot from the joist base
  • Best use on areas where concrete was built in ‘Fall’, offering a levelled deck
  • Specifically built for fast and easy application
  • Offers neat and professional finish to your deck construction without having to use multiple brackets and packers to gain the desired result
  • Can be used with items found in your local hardware store like the M10 10mm hex head bolts with washers and nuts, and 12mm dynabolts/10mm masonry bolts

Required Span for Base

Plate positioning for AJH45F (Aus/NZ), AJH45G (Aus/NZ)

The following measurements are based upon 450mm between the continuous span with joists centres

Joist Size Recommended Span (mm) Maximum Span (mm)
70 x 45 MGP10 800 1200
90 x 45 MGP10 1000 1500
90 x 45 MGP12 1200 1600
*120 x 45 MGP10 1200 1800
*140 x 45 MGP10 1200 1800


* joist width restricted by lateral loading on bolts
M10 Hex head bolts required for AJH45G
AJH45G (Aus/NZ)
Note: measures based on Galvanised Zenith brand M10 hex head long-threaded bolts

Hex Head bolt length Min height to bottom of joist Max height to bottom of joist Min height to top of 70/90mm joist Max height to top of 70/90/140mm joist
60mm 16mm 20mm 86/106mm 90/110mm
120mm 18mm* 80mm 88/108mm* 150/170/220mm
**No bolt 6mm 76/96mm


Adjustable Joist Support Installation

Download Adjustable Joist Support Brochure


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