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Ryno Decking Supports Perth

RynoDeck Adjustable Decking Joist Cradles

RDC10-40 Adjustable Decking Cradles

Rynodeck adjustable deck cradles

The RynoDeck RDC10-40 is the answer for supporting decking at a low height, where infinite and rapid adjustability is required.

It will support joists from anywhere between 10 and 40mm elevation, and no shims are required.  Due to its foam base, it protects whatever surface it is laid on, which is especially important for roof membranes. 

Additional Information

Base Diameter 100MM
Bearer Capacity 46-49MM
Biological / Chemical Resistant to moulds, algae, alkali, bitumen, UV
Height Range 10-40MM
Material Glass filled nylon (recycled)
Working Temperature -30C – 120C

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