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Fast, easy and durable support system for paving and decking.

Ryno Decking and Paving in Perth, WA


Ryno products are the perfect support solutions for your decking and paving. Their multipurpose, durable products allow you to easily install your decking or paving. Ryno support products are designed to be simple with effortless installation features.

Levelling is a cinch with the Ryno pedestals we have on offer. For a more straightforward height measure, try our fixed levelling systems.  The Ryno product line makes it effortless to get raised decking or pavement; whatever decking or paving installation system you’re after, WCT has you covered.

Ryno Decking and Paving Support systems have capabilities for residential and commercial applications. Hence why we import them from the UK for Perth users. “Let’s go hang out on the deck.”

Whether you’re installing decking or paving at home, work, or in a public place, we help make your work precise and save you time. 

The Ryno Legacy – Simple yet Effective

Ryno excels in setting high standards and has been for over 25 years with the commitment to develop tools that are robust, innovative and, easy to use. With frequent collaborations with the construction industry, they aim to innovate and support, so achieving a completely flat pave or the perfect suspended deck is a breeze.

Ryno support products use recyclable materials that resist moulds, bitumen, algae, and alkali, a standard design feature used to build Ryno support products.


RynoDeck Supports

Rynodeck aluminium decking joists

Rynodeck Aluminium Joists

Decking solution designed to meet the demands of your project. Adaptable and strong, the system is fully compatible with our cradle and pedestal range.

Rynodeck aluminium decking substructure

Aluminium Decking Substructure System

A system that makes elevating decking areas a breeze. This simple design swiftly installs despite the complexity of the work. Includes vertical profiles and fascia boards, perfect for any exterior jobs on site.

Rynodeck adjustable fixed head decking pedestal

Rynodeck Fixed Head Adjustable Pedestal

Made of recycle friendly polypropylene, this product is more durable than the standard timber pedestal. Supporting the decking joist, the adjustable pedestal can be set at any height with ease.

Rynodeck self adjusting decking pedestal

Self-levelling Adjustable Decking Pedestals

Cross off surface levelling quicker with the self-levelling pedestal. All you have to do is set the height, place the slabs, and go.

Decking Support Cradles

Cradles are an easy choice, if you are planning to incorporate different materials into the substructure.
Rynodeck adjustable deck cradles

Rynodeck ADJ. Cradles


Adjustable cradles let you decide on the elevation or slope of your choice.

Rynodeck fixed height support structures

Rynodeck FXD Cradles

Fixed cradles are better for a set height application.

RynoPave Supports

Pavers know that a good surface foundation and the spirit level are the two most important aspects of paving. We’re sure any good paver owns a spirit leveler, and we’ve got the foundation covered.

Rynopave paving support grate system

Paving Support and Grate System

Say goodbye to excess foundation sand and trapped mould in the substructure over time. This system is economical and easy to install. Great for sloping ground, without the expensive groundwork.

Rynopave fixed head paving pedestal

ADJ FXD Head Paving Pedestal

Can be applied to a location that requires 22mm elevation including balconies, roofs and garden areas. Ideal for same edge paving systems like stone, tiles and concrete.

Rynopave self levelling paving pedestal

ADJ Self-levelling Paving Pedestal

No more worrying over unlevelled paving projects. This self-levelling paving pedestal lets to level without going through too much trouble and elevate as required.

Rynopave rubber support pad

Paving Support Pads

Support pads are the perfect solution to low fixings. This product is made from polypropylene which protects the system from UV, bitumen, algae, moulds and alkali.

  • RPS-9 Rubber Support Pad
  • RPS Stackable Paving Support Pads

Want to know more about Ryno Paving Supports? 

Download the installation guide for Ryno Deck & Ryno Pave support products

Why Choose WCT Distributors?

WCT has learned a lot in the 13 years we’ve helped Western Australians achieve their project goals. Our experience is a solid foundation for project advice and great solutions.

We are happy to lend a hand with all your decking and paving needs, providing you the right knowledge and direction to successfully complete the project.

Our team of experts is here to help you get things done! Contact us to get started.

Decking or Paving

With any flooring comes red tapes to ensure standards are followed to avoid damage of property or to avoid hazards. Most or all tradespeople will be aware of these requirements such as leaving a slope in the surface away from the building to allow for water runoff as stormwater can cause damages to the property if not drained.

To deck or to pave is a dilemma many of us face today, how should one decide which is more practical, economical or attractive. Some floors need to be equipped with no slip qualities, while other floors can be high-gloss.

We would like to share a list of popular applications to help you weigh them out.  We have a few suggestions in conjunction with the Australian regulations and policy to determine suitability.





Balcony A popular choice as private areas see less foot traffic and can be maintained effectively for longevity. Used less in private premises now but was popular with the previous generations. Evident in heritage buildings.
Green Roofs Good option for outdoor green roofs as it complements the natural look of a green roof. Great hardscape option for green roofs to break up planters.
Public Toilets Not suitable for public toilets according to Australian regulations. View details Durable and lasts longer. Easy maintenance
Public Walkways Great for private premises. Not suitable for open public areas. Issues such as waterproofing may arise. More durable and economical. Porous Asphalt and permeable paving used to maintain stormwater drainage of public areas.
Wheelchair Access Ramps Can be used but in shaded areas with less chance of water hazards. Not considered a popular option. Ideal choice due to practicality and wheel to surface traction.
Garden Renovations Works perfectly as it adds a new element to any garden. Especially as a suspended deck or a shaded Pergola.

Another great hardscape option used popularly to break up the lawn and garden features.

Great choice as a patio overlay.

Parking Areas Not economical can cost more to maintain. Slip hazard. A popular choice as its closer to concrete lays and can sustain the wheel traffic. Asphalt paving is used under Australian standards: Read more
Metro Bike Trails Unsuitable for high wheel traffic. Compromising safety and usability. Ideal choice due to usability. Permeable paving suitable for wheeled vehicles to travel with ease.


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