Hiring / Finding a Decking Installation Builder

Find the right person to help you live your dream.

Hiring / Finding A Decking Installation Builder 

High-Performance Decks Need High-Performance Tradesmen.

A Trex® deck is an investment in your home – and your weekends. So finding the right partner to get exactly what you want from the start can make all the difference. Throughout our site, we offer quick links to local recommended deck builders and include a few tips here to get the conversation started.

Gathering Quotes: What to Ask

When meeting any potential deck builder, it’s important to be clear about how he or she will handle the project.

  • Have you built with Trex before?
  • Do you have any experience building multi-level decks?
  • Do you have a business licence and the proper liability insurance?
  • What is the lead time for a new deck project?
  • What would you describe as your speciality?
  • Can you help design our deck, or will we need architectural plans?
  • Do you handle municipal permitting? HOA approvals?
  • Do you have references to share?

Trex Tip

Most carpenters will only share their best references. When you call on past clients, be sure to ask:

  •  Would you hire this builder again?
  • Did you feel he/she listened to you throughout your project?
  • Describe any difficulties along the way and how they were solved.
  • Was the job completed on time and on the budget to your satisfaction?


TrexPros®: Our League of Masterly Builders

We’ve pre-screened and hand selected the very best professional contractors and installers as part of our TrexPro® Platform. These contractors have completed installation and product training on all Trex products and successfully meet requirements to obtain the TrexPro designation and are experienced with Trex and its exponential possibilities. From mixing colours of decking to custom inlays, curved railing to benches, privacy walls, and more, Trex can do it. And, Trex does its best in the hands of our TrexPros.

With a TrexPro, you can be sure you have a partner that:

  • Is categorised as either TrexPro Platinum, TrexPro Gold or TrexPro according to customer feedback and performance
  • TrexPro Platinum builders have earned the highest level of recognition available, and have demonstrated ability and expertise to design and build outdoor living projects with Trex
  • TrexPro Gold builders have achieved advanced product and installation training and make up a select group of talented and dedicated professionals experienced with using Trex products
  • TrexPros are experienced with all Trex products and offer talented insight on the job site
  • Has completed installation and product training on all Trex products, with all projects inspected and approved by Trex for craftsmanship and compliance
  • Offers special insight into the nuances of working with Trex
  • Has a contractor’s license
  • Carries general liability insurance as required by the state(s) in which he or she builds

For overall quality, confidence, and peace of mind, we believe hiring a TrexPro® is the right choice. Find one near you now.

Trex authorised dealers and TrexPro® contractors are independently owned and operated and are neither affiliated with nor agents or representatives of WCT Distributors. WCT Distributors makes no representations or warranties as to, and is not responsible for, the performance, acts or omissions of such parties. It is the ultimate responsibility of the property owner to select a Trex authorised dealer and/or a TrexPro contractor based upon their individual assessment of such dealer or contractor.

TrexPro® Installers are local and available statewide and across all of Australia with our affiliate companies.

Please call or email us at (08) 9240 7343 / info@wctdistributors.com for additional information.



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