treated pine

Treated Pine

Treated Pine is the perfect option when building a deck frame. It’s durable, easy to use and affordable. Our treated pine is sourced from sustainable Australian pine plantations and is treated to resist termites, rot and fungal decay. Your treated pine deck frame can be kept in its natural state – a golden/white colour or can be stained or painted. Coating or painting your pine deck frame won’t affect its durability and you should expect your deck frame to last 30+ years.

Why Use Treated Pine For Your Deck Frame?

Treated pine is a strong, durable and cost-effective deck framing solution. The careful management of our pine plantations has made treated pine a highly available resource. Pine has a high compressive strength which means even under heavy loads, it won’t crack. For the builder, treated pine is an easy timber to work with. It’s lightweight, making it great for transporting and it is easy to cut, drill and insert screws. Selecting treated timber for your deck frame is an easy decision. The next thing to decide is what type of treated timber you will need.

What Treated Pine Is Available?

Treated timber can be broken down into six categories. Depending on the hazard class (H) the treated timber will be labelled H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 or H6. For deck frames, you must use treated timber that is H3 or above.

H3 timber is recommended for a timber deck frame that is built off the ground. You should have a minimum 50 cm clearance between the timber and the ground. H3 timber can be exposed to wet weather as long as it has a chance to dry out.

H4 timber is the best solution for deck frame posts. As the decking posts will be installed in the ground, you’ll need treated timber that is resistant to insect and fungal attacks. Even in consistently damp ground conditions, H4 treated timber performs well.

If your deck frame is exposed to freshwater for long periods, you should select H5 treated timber. For timber that is used near or in saltwater, H6 is the preferred option.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The chemicals used to create treated pine are closely monitored and reviewed by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to ensure they meet Australian safety standards. Product labels indicate what level of treatment has been used on the pine and where the treated pine can be used.

If you select a treated pine with the correct hazard class (H), you should expect your deck frame to have a long life. 30+ years is a common lifespan for treated pine, even when exposed to the elements.    

Absolutely. While the majority of your deck frame won’t be visible, you can oil or paint the pine to further protect it from the elements or match it with your existing outdoor colours. Treated pine is often milled to a smooth finish making it easy to oil and paint.  

In Australia, pine is grown and managed in government-run plantations. Compared to other timbers, pine grows at a very rapid pace. The regular supply and ease of growing pine keep supplies high and prices down.