Experience your outdoor living space like never before with Trex® Outdoor Furniture™. With Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ you can create everything from an outdoor dining area to an elegant entertaining area. Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ is beautiful in design and magnificent in comfort. So an investment in Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ is an investment in quality Perth living.

Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ is the perfect addition to Trex Composite decking. This eco-friendly furniture is constructed of solid POLYWOOD® a consortium of recycled polymers. POLYWOOD® is resilient, and resistant to all Perth’s varying seasons. So you can count on Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ to last through the years with very little maintenance required to keep it looking like new.

About The Brand

Trex is a world renowned brand; they are the world’s #1 composite decking brand. Internationally Trex is known for their beautiful, environmentally friendly, and high quality products. So when you purchase Trex® Outdoor Furniture™; you can rest assured that you are purchasing a product with an international seal of quality.

Strength and Resilience

Trex Outdoor Furniture™ is made from POLYWOOD®; a Conglomerate of recycled polymers. POLYWOOD® is constructed by amalgamating high density polyethylene (HDPE); other HDPE post-industrial polymers, foaming compounds, and selective process additives. HDPE is primarily derived from recycled materials such as milk jugs, detergent bottles, and other HDPE post-industrial plastics. Once HPDE has been gathered, Trex utilises an extensive eco-friendly production process to create pure HDPE compounds which are then compounded with the other stated ingredients to create POLYWOOD®.


When you invest in Trex Outdoor Furniture™, you also invest in creating a cleaner tomorrow for you and future generations. Trex employs an eco-friendly manufacturing process in creating Trex Outdoor Furniture™. Utilising recycled HDPE’s like plastic bags and jugs to create an aesthetically beautiful, but high quality product.

All-Weather Resistance

Since Trex Outdoor Furniture™ is made of POLYWOOD® each piece of furniture can be manufactured to exact, reproducible specifications; ensuring you receive immaculately designed products. Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ is designed to last for decades. They do not absorb moisture; therefore, they will not rot, or splinter. Trex Outdoor Furniture™ is engineered with a UV-inhibited pigment system, so your furniture is UV protected, and resilient to fading. They also have exceptional resistance to corrosive substances, insects, fungi and mould, salt spray, and the other seasonal changes we experience in Perth.

 Easy Maintenance

Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ is easy to maintain, all that is required is water and soap. So you save both time and money; as there is no need for waterproofing, painting, staining, or other labour intensive tasks.

The Furniture

Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ comes in different dimensions, and styles; giving you endless choices for your everyday dining, or entertaining needs. With Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ you’re sure to find just the right look that will enhance the beauty and functionality of your Trex Composite deck.

Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ is designed for family use, and brings style and comfort to your summer BBQ, or stargazing while you rest comfortably in a Trex seat. With spaciously designed contoured seating, a variety of vibrant colours, and contemporary styling. Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ will give you a new appreciation for your Perth outdoor living space.


Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ comes with a 20 year limited Warranty for residential use, and one year for commercial use under normal use and service conditions. So you can rest assured that you are buying the best quality product. Please see Warranty page for more information.

Embrace luxurious outdoor living today. Click here for more information on Trex®Outdoor Furniture™.

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